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What is Towny?



Towns are the most basic part of Towny, allowing people to gather and work together as a group.

A town is a collection of residents with one of them as the mayor.

A town also has a bank which the mayor can withdraw from.

A mayor can also have assistants who have the same powers as him/herself.

Towns can have taxes that will be taken at the end of real time 1-day period.

A person can only be a resident of 1 town at a time.

Towns are divided into "Town Blocks," which are 8 block by 8 block sections of land.

The more residents a town has, the more "Town Blocks" it can claim. This is how a town expands in size.



Nations are a higher level that allow towns to ally together. This adds advantages such as giving towns more flexible land permission options and allowing them to participate in Server Event Wars.

A nation is a collection of towns (or just one town) with one of them as the capital city.

The mayor of that capital is the king.

A nation can join the war event, as well as ally other nations.

A nation also has it's own bank.

It can also tax the towns that belong to it.



Outposts let you claim an area of land that's not connected to your town.

Same size as a regular town block.

They utilize your town's tax rate.

They DO have to be associated with a town.

Just as towns, they have to be a certain distance away from another town.

Costs Crits to start. See current cost ingame via /towny prices



Wars are server wide events that all Nations are able to participate in.




Many of these costs are also viewable ingame via /towny prices


Start a town - $2000

daily upkeep - base cost 10. more plots more upkeep.

Claim a town block - $200



Start a nation - $10,000 

daily upkeep - 100


Start a Outpost - $5000





Town Population Requirements

Number of the residents that are required to expand the number of town blocks that can be claimed. "Town blocks" are 8x8 blocks in size.


Number of Residents Town Blocks

1 1

2 16

4 32

6 48

8 64

10 96

12 128

16 256



Town Resident Commands

/resident ? - Resident Help Menu

/resident list - List all residents of a Town

/resident - View your resident information

/town leave - Remove yourself from a town as a resident

/towny map - Show town map

/towny prices - View town pricing


Town Mayor Commands

Starting up a new Town

/towny prices - View town pricing

/town new - Create a town named...

/tt new - Short form to create a town named...

/town set name [town-name] - Change town name

/town - Town stats

/tt - Short form for Town stats

/town add - Add a particular resident

/town deposit/withdraw - Deposit or withdraw money into the town bank

/town claim - Claim an addition town block

/town unclaim - Unclaim a town block

/towny map - Map of the town

/resident set mode map - Pops the map up in chat when walking between blocks

/resident set mode reset - Turn off map popping up in chat


/town set taxes [amount] - Sets the weekly tax owed by residents

Assigning Town Permissions

/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off] - Set town permissions

/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch] [on/off] - Set town permissions

/town set perm [on/off] - Set overall town permissions

/town set mayor [resident-name] - Transfer Mayor status to another player

/town assistant [add/remove] [resident-name] - Set up/Remove an assistant to the Mayor

/town set board [message] - This is displayed user players when they view your town details

/town set homeblock - This moves the central home block. This may be useful in wartime.

/town kick [playername] - To remove a resident from a town

/town delete [town-name] - Delete a town

/town withdraw/deposit [amount] - Withdraw or deposit money from the town's bank account


Towny Chat Channel Commands

Quick Commands:

/tc - Chat with other residents of your town

/nc - Chat with other members of your nation

Channel Commands

/resident set mode tc - Town chat mode

/resident set mode nc - Nation chat mode

/resident set mode reset - Switch out of Town/Nation chat mode

If I have missed any command Check here


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